Get To Know Us!

Leadership Team:


David Eadens, Elder


David served as the pulpit minister at Mt. Zion from January 1988 to December 2007. He was appointed to the position again in September of 2009 and he continues to serve in that role as a co-pulpit minister while preaching bi-weekly. While at Mt. Zion he served as one of the congregation’s elders from 1996 to 2000 and again in 2003 until present.

David became a follower of Christ on September 9, 1954.

Mt. Zion has been David’s home church since childhood. Ancestors from both sides of his family have worshiped at Mt. Zion since the 1800’s. David is fond of the memories of the great people he has known and served with while worshiping at Mt. Zion.

David envisions more growth for Mt. Zion in the future. He wants the church to place a great deal of effort on teaching our youth so the church will be strong when his life is over.

Some of David’s hobbies and interests include; Bible history and trivia, farming and UK Basketball.

Greg Barrick, Elder


Greg began serving as an elder at Mt. Zion on June 30, 2013. He served as a deacon at Mt. Zion from 1996 to 2013. He grew up in the town of Smiths Grove, KY, but later moved to the community of Richardsville after marrying his wife, Lynn. He currently resides with his wife in the city of Bowling Green. Greg became a Christian in 1976.

Greg’s favorite memories at Mt. Zion includes witnessing his son’s baptisms in 2001 and 2009. He also enjoyed being a part of the outpouring of love during the construction of the new church building.

With all the caring individuals a part of the Mt. Zion church family, Greg recognizes the potential to grow as a congregation. More than ever before, he would like to see the congregation put forth a concerted effort to reach out to the lost.

Some of Greg’s hobbies and interests include; fishing, UK basketball, family time, baseball, reading maps, viewing older, restored vehicles and attending car shows.

Greg Sandidge, Elder


Greg began serving as an elder at Mt. Zion on June 30, 2013. He served as a deacon at Mt. Zion from 2002 to 2013. He committed his life to Christ and became a Christian in 1977.

While worshipping with the Mt. Zion church family, Greg has enjoyed seeing his children grow up in the church and later become Christians.

Greg envisions growth for Mt. Zion’s future. He wishes to see growth not only in number but in Spirit and Truth. He would also like to see more of our members become more active in the work of the church.

Some of Greg’s hobbies and interests include; yard and garden work, family time and UK basketball.

Steve Croslin, Deacon

Steve began serving as a deacon at Mt. Zion on February 28, 2016. Steve was baptized for the remission of sins in July of 1979 at Richardsville Church of Christ by Bob Bradford. He and his wife Janet have been members at Mt. Zion since 2006. Steve retired from WKU as a Central Shop Coordinator. Steve is also a cabinet maker and song leader and enjoys attending the services at Mt. Zion.

Steve Lyons, Deacon

Steve served as an elder at Mt. Zion from June 2013 to 2015. He previously served as a deacon from 2008 to 2013. He was again appointed as a deacon on February 28, 2016. Steve began his Christian journey in 1969. Steve enjoys every time Mt. Zion assembles together. While worshiping at Mt. Zion, one of his favorite memories was the first worship service held in the new church building.
In the future, Steve has a vision for Mt. Zion to grow. He also has a hope that more people will get involved in the worship assemblies. Hobbies Steve enjoys include: mowing yards and spending time with family.

Jerry Stahl, Deacon & Treasurer 


Jerry began serving as a deacon at Mt. Zion in 2005. He became a member of the church at a Fall meeting held at Richardsville Church of Christ in 1984.

Jerry’s fondest memory about Mt. Zion occurred during his time as a child. He can still remember his grandfather, Mallory Hazel, ringing the old bell to start services. It was his duty to see that church was started on schedule and he always sat in the pew right behind the bell cord.

In regards to the future of Mt. Zion, Jerry has a vision for the church to continue to teach the Gospel just as scripture teaches the Gospel. He also hopes to see the membership remain close and caring about one another. If Mt. Zion does those things, those who care about truth and love will continue to be attracted and want to be a part of the congregation.

Hobbies Jerry enjoys include; outdoor activities, camping, hunting, fishing, and gardening.

Jerry Willis, Deacon


Jerry began serving as a deacon at Mt. Zion on January 15, 2017. He and members of his family placed membership at Mt. Zion in March of 2016. Previously, the Willis family worshiped and were members at Riverside Christian Church.

Jerry is married to his wife, Michele. They have four children; Lacey, Hallie, Layton and Jordon.