Ministry Staff

THIS ONE. (2)David Eadens, Pulpit Minister 

David served as the pulpit minister at Mt. Zion from January 1988 to December 2007.  He was appointed to the position again in September of 2009 and he continues to serve in that role.  While at Mt. Zion he served as one of the congregation’s elders from 1996 to 2000 and again in 2003 until present. David made the decision to follow Christ on September 9, 1954. Mt. Zion has been David’s home church since childhood.  Ancestors from both sides of his family have worshipped at Mt. Zion since the 1800’s.  David is fond of the memories of the great people he has known and served with while worshipping at Mt. Zion. David envisions more growth for Mt. Zion in the future.  He wants the church to place a great deal of effort on teaching our youth so the church will be strong when his life is over. Some of David’s hobbies and interests include: Bible history and trivia, farming and UK Basketball.  

2013 Mt. Zion Directory Pics IMG_0476Ryan Barrick, Discipleship Minister 

Ryan grew up in the Richardsville community with his parents, Greg & Lynn and his brother, Bret.  Ryan attended Western Kentucky University and graduated in May of 2011 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. Very shortly after graduating, Ryan was hired as an Accountant at American Bank & Trust where he continues to work full time.  Ryan married his wife Kelly Creasey Barrick in December of 2017.

He served the congregation in the capacity of Youth Minister from April 2014-December 2021.  In January 2022, he was named the congregation’s Discipleship Minister.  The focus of his ministry is helping make disciples and assisting the membership in seeking His face.  He aides in developing spiritual maturity and encourages continued depth in ones relationship with God.