Mt. Zion church Cemetery

The cemetery at Mt. Zion is located adjacent to the building in which we worship. Many that visit love the peace and tranquility that our location provides as we are located on a high bluff overlooking the Barren River.

In the 1850’s, Mr. William Brown and his wife donated the land that is currently used for worship gatherings and the cemetery.  Our membership strives to take the best care of our burial grounds.  Recent interest has been taken in repairing older head stones and removing and replacing decaying trees.

Mt. Zion Cemetery Policy:  

Currently Mt. Zion does not charge a fee for those wishing to be buried at Mt. Zion. However, due to the lack of space in the present cemetery, a fee has been discussed and will continue to be considered if the demand becomes overwhelming. Those wishing to be buried in the Mt. Zion cemetery must meet one of the following criteria; member of Mt. Zion church or immediate family member of a Mt. Zion member. An immediate family member is recognized as a spouse, parent, sibling or child. Current members are encouraged to reserve their plots if they plan to be buried at Mt. Zion due to the limited space in the current cemetery. The current cemetery is on pace to fill soon. To express the desire to one day be buried in the Mt. Zion cemetery or to reserve a plot, please contact one of the elders. The elders reserve the right to use their discretion concerning questionable requests.


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Tombstone before/during cleaning


Tombstone after cleaning



Flags being placed on graves of veterans for Memorial Day.
Wm Brown Tomb Stone

Before & After Cleaning